Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I reserve my room at The New Commons?
A: Go to TheCommons.Life.Edu and select “Apply” on the left side. Create an account and complete the application!
Q: Am I required to purchase a meal plan? If so, how much is it?
A: All residents at The New Commons are required to purchase a meal plan through Life University. Refer to Life University.
Q: I'm an athlete, how do I make sure I'm with my teammates?
A: On the application, please select that you’re an athlete and which team you’re affiliated with.
Q: How do give a roommate request?
A: Once your application is complete, it will ask if you have a specific roommate. Enter your roommate’s name and email address and it will automatically send your potential roommate an email with steps to complete their application.
Q: I'm a graduate student, but I want to stay at The New Commons.
A: Anyone who is interested is living at The New Commons must complete an application ASAP, however, priority on the waitlist goes to freshman first.
Q: Is there furniture included in my room?
A: Yes. There will be a mattress, bedframe, study desk and chair, and dresser drawers.
Q: What size is the bed?
A: The bed is a Twin XL.
Q: Is there laundry on site?
A: Yes. There are laundry facilities on every floor.
Q: What about utilities?
A: Utilities are included in your monthly rent.
Q: What if I don't want to live with a roommate?
A: We do have Single floor plans available. Just make sure to select “Single” when applying.
Q: Is there WiFi?
A: Yes. There is WiFi throughout the building.
Q: How do I get in the building after hours?
A: Upon move in, you will receive an access card that’ll give you access to the building.
Q: Are the rooms air conditioned?
A: Yes. Each room has individual AC controls.
Q: How do I get to class?
A: The New Commons is a 7 minute walk to the Undergraduate Building on campus. There’s also a shuttle that’ll make several stops throughout campus every 10-15 minutes.
Q: What is the guest/visitation policy?
A: Refer back to Life University.
Q: What about parking?
A: Refer back to Life University.
Q: Can I bring my pet?
A: Unfortunately, no.
Q: Are there refrigerators in the room?
A: Refer to Life on mini fridge rental.
Q: Do you provide cleaning services?
A: The common areas are cleaned by our custodial staff. Rooms are cleaned by the residents who live there.